She has experience of more than 13 years as top hairstylist and instructor in Tokyo, Japan. At Devonshire, she performs as a hairstylist and mentors Professional Hair Styling Skills to assistants.  

`I always care about speedy and immaculate works and also making sure the customer feels relaxed during the treatment. I always check the hair style suit the customers face shape and frame when I give a haircut. Im also concerned about hair damage so Im not using Thinning Shears as much as possible. Using my personal colourlist skills, I recommend fit hair colour to the customer. If you are looking for your matching color, feel free to ask me!’




Natural and Soft texture is my theme.

I recommend hair style that suits each customer’s lifestyle.

Please feel free to ask if you have problem with hair scalp and hair damages. I’ll make the perfect head spa and treatment recipe for your hair needs.

Men’s Cut and Kid’s Cut also welcome!  



I have been working as hair stylist for more than 8 years. Before coming to Singapore, I am working in Tokyo, Japan.

I recommend natural cut and soft texture hair style suits that each customer’s hair type. I specialise in Bob and Medium Hair style. I’m also enthusiastic to do hair styling, please feel free to ask me if you wish to have new hair look!